Financial targets

Get an overview of the financial targets for the Grieg Seafood Group.

*NIBD according to bank covenants.

Key figures

Get an overview of key performance figures for the Grieg Seafood Group and in the regions Rogaland, Finnmark, Shetland and British Columbia.

*Average of weekly NQSALMON prices less 0.75 NOK/kg. Prices for YTD 2020 as of week 45. **In line with published 2019 from last year's Annual Report, thus haven't been re-presented as to IFRS 5 discontinued operations (Ocean Quality). Re-presented full-year profit and loss-figures will be disclosed in the Group's Q4 2020 Quarterly Report. ***2020 profit and loss-figures reflect the Group's continued operations. See more information in Q3 2020 Quarterly Report, hereof Note 4. ****2020 figures is exclusive of Ocean Quality, while prior year's figures are inclusive of Ocean Quality.