ESG indexes

Grieg Seafood aim to make it easy for investors and other stakeholders to follow our progress and hold us to account for our actions. We engage with third-party rating initiatives and indexes to better understand concerns and how we can report on these issues in a relevant way.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate

2020 result: A-

Comment: Grieg Seafood has engaged with CDP Climate since 2018.

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Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Forests

2020 result: A-

Comment: Grieg Seafood reported on CDP Forest actions for the first time in 2020.

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FAIRR Index - Coller Fairr Protein Producer Index

2020 result: 5th place (2020)

Comment: Grieg Seafood is engaging with the index to better understand the concerns of our stakeholders and issues we should address in our reporting.

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Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating

2020 result: 38.2 - High Risk (where 0 is best)

Comment: Sustainalytics have based their score on our annual report from 2018. Since then, we have published and updated Group policies and increased transparency and disclosures in subsequent annual reports. We are trying to engage Sustainalytics in a dialogue to understand why they do not include updated material in their analyses, as well as how we can improve generally

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MSCI ESG ratings

2020 result: A

Comment: Grieg Seafood started looking into the ESG Ratings’ methodology and criteria in 2020.

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The Governance Group - EG 100 - the Oslo Stock Exchange

2020 result: A

Comment: Since 2019, Grieg Seafood has engaging with The Governance Group, which published its first “ESG 100 - The Oslo Stock Exchange” report in 2018. The report assesses the 100 largest listed companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange based on the three ESG dimensions. In 2020, Grieg Seafood maintained our top score from 2019.

GRI Global reporting initiative

2020 result: Audited

Comment: This is our second annual report prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards.

GSI Global salmon initiative

2020 result: Audited

Comment: We have reported to the GSI for several years. The GSI issues an annual sustainability report covering approximately 40% of the salmon farming industry.

NUES Norwegian code of practice for corporate governance

2020 result: In compliance

Comment: We adopted the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance in 2007.

OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises

2020 result: -

Comment: We adhere to principles and standards for responsible business conduct.

OSE Oslo Stock Exchange

2020 result: -

Comment: We follow the Euronext guidance on ESG reporting.

TCFD Task force on climate-related financial disclosures

2020 result: -

Comment: Our second TCFD report has been published in connection with this annual report. We have also performed climate-related scenario analysis in 2020.

TNFD Task force on nature-related financial disclosures

2020 result: -

Comment: We are a member of the Observer Group to the TNFD. TNFD will build awareness and capacity to reduce the negative impacts of the financial sector on biodiversity.

EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy

2020 result: n/a

Comment: From 2022, the EU taxonomy will provide a classification system for which economic activities can be considered environmentally sustainable. Aquaculture has not yet been included in the list of industries covered by the taxonomy. We are constantly monitoring developments in this area.